army-public-schools-8000-teachers-posts-pgt-tgt-October-2018 CANDIDATES ARE REQUESTED TO KINDLY GO THROUGH THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES COMBINED SELECTION SCREENING EXAMINATION : 2018 1. There are 137 Army Public Schools (APS) located in various Cantonments and Military Stations across India. These schools are administered and managed by local Army authorities and affiliated Read More ……..


Claim-inclusion-name-electoral-roll-Graduates’-Constituency-ap Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a Graduates’ Constituency   [FORM 18 నమూనా 18 Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a graduates’ constituency. గ్రాడ్యుయేట్‌ ఎమ్మెల్సీ ఓటు నమోదు చేసుకోండిలా..!*_   *?ప్రభుత్వం కృష్ణా-గుంటూరు, తూర్పు పశ్చిమ గోదావరి జిల్లాల గ్రాడ్యుయేట్‌ ఎమ్మెల్సీ ఓట్ల నమోదు ప్రారంభించింది. ఇందుకోసం Read More ……..


ap-ssc-10th-class-nominal-roll-software-academic-year-2018-19   SSC Nominal Roll software for Andhra Pradesh Academic Year 2018-19                  This software prepared for AP up to 350 students  for all mediums.don’t give unnecessary space between letters in names in DATA sheets and enter all details only in DATA sheet . then Read More ……..