All the Regional  Joint Directors of School Education, District Education Officers, Deputy Education Officersand Secondary School Headmasters in the State arc informed that vide reference ISl cited above,as per the dircction of Hon’ble Chief Minister to Department of School Education, it was dceided to institute ‘~iO~oQ~’, a Schools Recognition Program to recognize and appreciate best performing schools. ‘~iO~oQ~’ is an initiative to disseminate rccognition/concern letters to all secondary schools in the state and appreciate teachers on their contribution to students’ performance. based on the SSC examination results.
                  The framework designed for Sccondary Schools SSC performance assessment consists of three parameters for every subject, viz. I) Pass percentage of the class,

2) Perccntage ofstudents who scored >= 132 gradc,

3) Average grade point of the class A composite school level rank (on a scale 01’0-24), based on the cu:nulative subject performance stated above is awarded to each school containing four possible rankings. viz. I) Excellent, 2) Very Good, 3) Good,

4) Needs Improvement. Appreciation/concern lettcrs have bcen issued through various offices, viz. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Minister of Human Rcsourcc Development. Spel’ial Chief Secretary to the Government. Department of School Education and Commissioncr of School Education. based on the overall performance rank achieved by the school.
              A link to a surveyhas been included in the letters to identify and collate best practices employed by teachers and schools towards improving student performance. Simultaneously, schools are also encouragedto set targets for this academic year and provide feedbackand ~cck help from the Department ofSchool Education. It is mandatory for allHcadmastersto honestly campIetc thc sUl’\ey using the link provided. DEOs and Dy.EOs are requested to widely disseminate the procecdings to all Secondary schools in the state and closely monitor the COlllplclion orthe survey.


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