Appointment of Village Revenue Assistants as Village Revenue Officers Grade-II in relaxation of Rules 3(iv) and Rule4(2)(a)(ii) and (iii) of the AP Village Revenue Officers Service Rules, 2008 as one time measure

G.O.MS.No. 13 Dated: 27-01-2020
Read the following
1. AP Village Revenue Officers Service Rules, 2008 issued vide G.O. Ms. No. 39,
Revenue(VA) Department, dated 11.01.2008.
2. Representations received from various Village Revenue Assistants
3. From the CCLA letter No. Ser .IV (1)/372/2016 dated 30-07-2018 and
subsequent letters .
4. G.O.Ms.No.417, Rev(Ser.III) Dept., Dt:27.09.2019.
5. G.O.MS.No.153, PR&RD( MDL.I) Dept., Dt:04.10.2019.
6. G.O.Ms.No.217, MA&UD (UBS) Dept., Dt:20.07.2019.

In the G.O. 1st read above orders were issued framing service rules for the Andhra Pradesh village revenue officers.
2. In the Representations 2nd read above various organizations of village revenue assistants have represented the Government, for promotion as Village Revenue Officers.
3. In the letter 3rd read above, the CCLA of Vijayawada has submitted proposal for consideration in the promotions of Village Revenue Assistant as Village Revenue Officer Grade-II.
4. In the G.O 4th read above the Government have issued amendment orders to the AP Village Revenue Officers Service Rules, 2008.
5. Government of Andhra Pradesh have created 14944 posts (11158Village Secretariat + 3786 Ward Secretariat – Annexure Enclosed) Grade-II Village Revenue Officer as a part of establishing Village Secretariat /Ward Secretariat in the G.O’s 5th and 6th read above.
6. Further, Various Associations of Village Revenue Assistants represented to Reserve 3795 posts Exclusively for Village Revenue Assistants as they have been

working for Government since long time and also possess all the necessary qualifications and expertise.
7. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permission to all the District Collectors in the State to fill 3795 posts of Grade-II Village Revenue Officers from the cadre of Village Revenue Assistants in relaxation of relevant rules on the subject such as 3(iv) and Rule 4(2)(a)(ii) and (iii) of the AP Village Revenue Officers Service Rules, 2008 as one time measure, subject to the following conditions;
(i) The serving Village Revenue Assistant should have completed atleast five
(5) years of Service as on 01.01.2020.
(ii) They should have possessed Intermediate qualification as on01.01.2020.
For computing Intermediate Qualification, “ a certificate issued by Board of intermediate “ shall be considered.

(iii) The details of posts reserved for Village Revenue Assistants district-wise
is placed at Annexure-I.
(iv) The district Collector shall locally notify the vacancies immediately and
select based on seniority among the eligible Village Revenue Assistants.
(v) The Collector shall also verify the original intermediate certificate before
giving the order. In case of any doubt, the certificate can be referred to
Board of Intermediate Education to ascertain genuineness.
(vi)The Promotion / appointment shall be subject to condition that within one year he shall acquire proficiency in automation, as certified by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission/MSME. And shall pass fifteen
(15) days survey course offered by Director, SS&LRs within one year of joining.
(vii)The Village Revenue Officer Grade-II so selected shall form part of Village Secretariat and discharge the Job as per the Job Chart Prescribed.
(viii) The candidates on selection and appointment by transfer will be on probation for two (2) years and paid RS.15000/-per month as consolidated pay during this period. They will be given regular pay scale of pay after satisfactory completion of two (2) years of probation.
(ix)The District Collector reserves right to reject the promotion of any candidate with doubtful integrity and whose performance as Village Revenue Assistant is not satisfactory or any disciplinary case is pending.
(x)The arising vacancy of Village Revenue Assistant shall not be filled until further orders.
8. All the District Collectors shall complete the process within a fortnight and report compliance to the Government. 


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