Grama -Sachivalayam-instructions-hall-superintendent-invigilators

Grama -Sachivalayam-instructions-hall-superintendent-invigilators

One day prior to the examination (31-08-2019)

The Hall Superintendents shall report before the MPDO / Municipal Commissioner / Tahsildar at the place mentioned in their appointment order by 10 AM on 31st Aug, 2019 and know the centre allotted.

Familiarize with their Chief Superintendent and Invigilators.

Through Chief Superintendent they have to obtain the details of examination venue and location.

Attend the training class conducted by the District Special Officer, Centre Special officer and MPDO / Municipal Commissioner / Tahsildar / MEO.

After the training, visit the allotted examination venue and assist the Chief Superintendent in making the arrangements.  

On the day of examination (01-09-2019)

Report to the Chief Superintendent and Centre Special Officer by 7 AM at the venue.

The Chief Superintendent in the presence of Centre Special Officer will allot rooms by draw of lots by 7.30 AM / 1.30 PM.

Visit the rooms allotted to them along with the Invigilators and verify the seating arrangements.

Ensure that no forbidden material is kept in the rooms.

Verify whether Hall wise details of seating arrangements are pasted on the notice boards in two or more prominent places.

Collect the following materials from the Chief Superintendent by 9.00 AM and handover to the Invigilators.

OMR Sheets

NMR cum Photo attendance sheet with signature

Attendance cum question booklet code OMR sheet

Hall / Room wise Seating Plan Proforma XVII (a) or XVII (b)

Collect Question Paper Bundles at 9.40 AM / 2.10 PM from the Chief Superintendent and distribute to the Invigilators at  50 AM / 2.20 PM.

Ensure that the subject wise required number of question paper booklets are distributed to the Invigilators

From 9.30 AM the candidates will be allowed to enter into the halls / rooms.

While allowing the candidates into the hall / room the candidate should show the Hall Ticket along with their one Original Valid Photo Identification Card issued by the Government i.e. Pass Port, PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Employee ID or Driving License etc.


Collect 3 passport size photos from the candidate if the Hall Ticket is without photo / blurred photo / Photo without signature / too small photo and get them attested by a gazette officer. Failing which the candidate shall be admitted for the examination.

Ensure that candidates should not bring any forbidden material and electronic devices.

Check the bonafides of the candidates with reference to the Hall Ticket and Nominal roll Cum Attendance Sheet and signatures with the assistance of Invigilators.

Ensure that the Invigilators shall obtain the signature of the candidate on the attendance sheet.

Ensure that all the boxes meant for identification of candidate on the Question paper Book Let and OMR sheet are properly filled.

Check whether the Invigilators and the candidate have signed in the proper place on the OMR sheet.

Ensure that the Invigilators distribute the question paper booklet by 9.55 AM / 2.25 PM

Ensure that the OMR and Question Paper Book Lets are distributed as per the seating plan of the hall.

In case any candidate is absent, the Question paper Booklet meant for him / her shall not be distributed to anybody else.

Ensure that all candidates in the rooms / halls have bubbled the Question Paper Book Lets on the OMR sheet properly.

Collect the absentee statement in Proforma VII, unused Answer Sheets, unused Question Paper Booklets, Absentee Statement and OMR Attendance cum Question Paper Booklet Code sheet from the Invigilators and handover to the Chief Superintendents at 30 AM / 03.30 PM.

Keep a watch on the candidates going for water or toilet and if any candidate resorts to malpractices, take immediate action to book him / her and handover to police.

Under any circumstances any candidate shall not be allowed to leave the examination hall until examination is over. If any candidate wants to leave the examination hall in middle, inform him / her that he/she would be disqualified.

Guide the videographer in covering the proceedings without causing disturbance to the candidates.

Bring the cases of malpractice to the notice of the Chief Superintendent immediately after booking the case.

Ensure that the candidates return the Original used OMR answer sheet to the invigilator.

The candidates are permitted to carry the duplicate OMR answer sheets along with the Question Booklet.

At the end of the examination, collect used OMR Answer Sheets along with the reports in Proforma VIII, IX (a), IX (b), X from the Invigilators and handover to the Chief Superintendent.

Should not leave the venue till all the used OMR sheets are arranged in seriatim and report in Proforma XI is prepared by the Chief Superintendent.



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