Inspections to Aided Schools Instructions

Memo.No. ESE-02-18022/40/2021-PS-3-CSE 30/03/2021

  1. The attention of all RJDSEs and DEOs in the state is invited to the reference cited and they are informed that in the reference read above the A.P. School Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission has requested this office to furnish the data relating to number of aided schools functioning, number of aided posts sanctioned, number of aided staff working and number of aided vacancies and amount of expenditure incurred per annum etc.,
  2. While this data must be normally available on the UDISE+ database, it is it is noticed that the data pertaining to (156) aided schools is not available as the schools have not furnished it on UDISE+.
  3. It calls for obtaining the data from those (156) schools as well as getting the data confirmed in case of the remaining schools as the UDISE+ data has not been verified by anybody
  4. Further, as ascertained from the District Education Officers in the Video Conference held with them on 27-3-2021 that data, the expenditure particulars of any aided school are not available with them and the details have to be collected from the managements. It is also learnt from them the aided schools have not been furnishing the data for more than 10 years.
  5. In this regard, the attention of the District Education Officers is drawn to the provisions of Grant-in-aid code and Education Act, 1982. Further, Rule Rule 20 of G.O.Ms.No.1 Education dated 1-1-1994 reads as following:
  6. The Educational agency shall submit the annual administration report in the prescribed proforma to the competent authority for very financial year by the 30th September at the latest. Such report shall be supported by the audited statement of accounts of the school duly audited by Chartered Accountant. Separate accounts shall be maintained for each school. Similarly the educational agency, which is running more than one school shall also submit such returns within the stipulated time to the competent authority.
  7. Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby requested to obtain and furnish the complete and updated data pertaining to the GIA schools. Since this data is not available even in their offices and since this data has to be furnished to the A.P.S.E.R.M.C., the DEOs are requested to deploy teams with one MEO/two Gazetted HMs for each team with instructions to visit the aided schools in their respective districts and to obtain the data as per the format. They may depute the teams on 6-4-2021 and 7-4-2021 duly informing the managements about the proposed visit in advance so that they would keep the information ready.
  8. A web service is provided to all DEOs to submit the data online. They are directed to complete the above taski before 10-4-2021.
  9. All the RJDSEs in the state are hereby requested to monitor the working and see that it is completed within the scheduled time.

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