Phase-II : Municipal Teacher’s General Transfers-2018.

Applicability : Transfers shall be applicable to all categories of Teachers working in Municipalities / Corporations as per Service Rules, 2016 i.e. Gr.II Head Masters, School Assistants, Specialist Teachers, PSHMs, Secondary Grade Teachers and other equivalent categories working in all Municipal / Corporation Primary / Upper Primary/ High Schools in the State.

Criteria for Transfer :

Those teachers who have completed 8 years of continuous service in a particular school and the1) Head Masters Gr-II who have completed 5 years of continuous service in a particular school, as on 30.04.2018 shall be compulsorily transferred. Provided those who are going to retire within 2 years from 30.04.2018 shall not be shifteduntil and unless the incumbent requests for such transfer.
:2: The Male Head-Master Grade-II/ Teacher aged below 50 years of age as on 30.04.2018working in Girls High School shall be transferred. If no women HMs/ Teachers are available to work in Girls High Schools, then male HMs/2) Teachers who are over above 50 years of age (as on 30.04.2018) may be considered for posting to such Schools. Grade-II Head-Masters/ Teachers who have completed a minimum period of three years of3) service in a particular School as on 30.04.2018 shall be eligible to apply for transfer. The Teachers who have completed 8 years of service in the present School and working as NCC4) Officer should be posted in the vacancy in a school where there is NCC unit. If there is no vacancy they may be posted in a school where there is no NCC unit, so that NCC Teacher may open new NCC unit in that School. Preference shall be given to Head-Master Grade-II who have studied Urdu/ Oriya/ Tamil5) Language as 1st Language in the respective minor medium Schools. While considering the request transfers based on above conditions, preference shall be given to6) the employee based on the following entitlement points;

Preferential categories:

 The following categories shall take precedence in the seniority list, in the order given below, irrespective of their entitlement points. Disabled persons – Orthopedically handicapped/ Visually Challenged/ Hearing impaireda) not less than 70% as certified by a competent authority – District Medical Board. Widows (Proof of evidence required)b) Legally separated women (Certificate to be produced – Issued by Court)c) Head-Master/ Teacher and their dependents suffering with the following diseases andd) undergoing treatment (Proof of evidence from the listed Hospitals/ Certified by District Medical Board)

a. Cancer

b. Open Heart Surgery

c. Neuro Surgery

d. Bone TB

e. Kidney transplantation/ Dialysis

e) Applicants with dependents – Mother, Father, Spouse, Children who are mentally retarded and are undergoing treatment (certificate issued by District Medical Board) f) Children suffering with holes in the Heart by birth and undergoing medical treatment available only at specified places to which they are seeking transfers (Certificate of evidence) g) Applicants with dependent.



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