నేషనల్ మీన్స్ కమ్ మెరిట్ స్కాలర్‌షిప్.

ఆర్ధికంగా బలహీన వర్గాలకు చెందిన ప్రతిభావంతమైన విద్యార్థులకు ఆర్ధిక చేయూతనిచ్చే పధకం ఈ NMMS,

ప్రభుత్వ, ప్రవేట్ ఎయిడెడ్ పాఠశాలలో 8వ తరగతి చదువుతూ తల్లిదండ్రుల సంవత్సర ఆదాయం 1,50,000 లోపు గల విద్యార్థులు అర్హులు.

ఈ జాతీయ ప్రతిభా ఉపకారవేతనం సంవత్సరానకి రూ.12,000 లు అoదుతాయి. ఈ విధంగా ఇoటర్ వరకు అందుతాయి.

పరీక్ష ఫీజు OC/BC కి రూ.100, SC/ST/PH విద్యార్ధులకు రూ.50.

పరీక్ష నవంబరు నెల 2వ ఆదివారం,

సిలబస్ 1) మెoటల్ ఎబిలిటీ టెస్ట్ (MAT) 90మార్కులు,

2) స్కాలస్టిక్ ఆప్టిట్యూడ్ టెస్ట్ 90మార్కులు (7, 8 తరగతులలోని గణితం, సైన్సు, సోషల్ సిలబస్),

జిల్లా స్ధాయిలో మెరిట్ లిస్ట్ తీస్తారు.

క్వాలిఫైయింగ్ మార్కు జనరల్ కేటగిరి 40మార్కులు,

BC కేటగిరికి 35 మార్కులు, SC/ST/PH వారికి 25మార్కులు సాధించాలి. 

అవసరమైన డాక్యుమెంట్లు కుల, ఆదాయ, విద్యా ధృవీకరణ పత్రాలు, బ్యాంకు ఖాతా వివరాలు, ఫొటోలు.


The objective is to award scholarships to meritorious students of economically weaker sections to arrest their drop out at class VIII and encourage them to continue the study at secondary stage.

 One lakh scholarships of Rs.12,000/- per annum (Rs.1000/- per month) per student are awarded to selected students of class IX every year and their continuation/renewal in classes X to XII for study in State Government, Government-aided and Local body schools under the scheme.

 There is quota of scholarships for different States/UTs. State-wise details of Quota of Scholarship enclosed.

 The scholarship will be disbursed in one instalment in a year by the State Bank of India directly by electronic transfer into the accounts of students through Public Financial Management System (PFMS). The quarterly basis payment pattern will no longer be applicable for the scholarship.

 Students whose parental income from all sources is not more than Rs. 1,50,000/- per annum are eligible to avail the scholarships.

 There is reservation as per State Government norms.

 The selection of students for award of scholarships under the scheme is made through an examination conducted by the State Governments.
 The students shall have minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade in Class VII examination for appearing in selection test for award of scholarship (Relaxable by 5% for SC/ST).

 At the time of selection for the award of scholarship the candidate must have scored at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in Class VIII examination. There will be 5 % relaxation for SC/ST.

 For continuing the scholarship in class X and XII the awardees should get clear promotion from class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII in the first attempt with 55% marks (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST). The awardees must obtain a minimum of 60 per cent marks in Class X (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST) examination or equivalent examination for continuation of the scholarship at higher secondary stage.
 Each State/UT will conduct its own test for selection of students for the award of the National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship. The State Level Examination consists of the following two tests.
(i) Mental Ability Test (MAT)

(ii) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
 The students must pass NMMSS Exam with an aggregate of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Mental Ability Test (MAT) to be taken together at minimum of 40% (32% for SC/ST students).
 100% funds are provided by the Central Government for the Scheme.

For Students:

 Application Submission/ registration on NSP.

     The students, who had not applied on NSP Portal, are required to register themselves with the option “New Registration” on the NSP Portal and then select the option “Login to Apply”.                      
For School / Institution:
 Student Application Verification and submission of application to District Education officer