Sub: SCERT Andhra Pradesh – RMSA – ‘In-Scrv11c Teacher Training – Selection of District Resource Penrson’s of tcachers an Telugu, Hindi and English Mathematics. Physical Science, Bio- Science. Social Studies and Head Masters – Deputation of Teachers – Req – Reg.

Rc.No.451 / B/ ”.&T/ SCERT/2017    Dated: 14.09.20 1 8


      All the D1stric1 Educational Officers in The State are hereby informed that it 1s decided to organize 5 ·day In Service Teacher Training Programme at district  level in Dasara Vacation .

              ln this context a refresher course will be organized for DRPs in Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Physical Science. Bio- Science, Social Studies and Head Masters. And these trained DR Ps shall act as a Resource Persons in the district level training programme.


The guidelines for selection of DRPs given bclow


  • The teacher should have the attitude to act as District Resource Persons.

  • The participant must have sound knowledge in content .

  • The participant must possess good communication skills and technical knowledge.

  • Preference should be given to module/ publication and text book writer.

  • Preference should be given to previous experience as resou rce

  • Preference should be given   to the teachers who have                   enrolment and registration an A pex & contribution of content in the  platform .


Therefore all lhc District Educational Officer” arc instructed to select the DRPs(80 from each district 10 for each subject) as per the “‘instruclion and send the list on or before 25.09.2018.

The date and venue will be informed later.

FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE g.o. copy & instructions

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