8 days Training for Govt, ZP and Aided Schools: For Telugu Medium.

            As per the reference cited, it is decided to conduct the 8 day Divisional level residential trainings of Maths, PS and BS and 7 day Divisional level residential training of PET the teachers of ZP, Government and Aided managements i.e Telugu Medium in 3 spells as shown below.

For Maths, PS and BS

S.No              Spell Period                          Content       ICT         IEDSS

1 Spell-1 15.05.2017 to 22.05.2017 (8 Days)     5 Days     2 Days    1 Day

2 Spell-2 23.05.2017 to 30.05.2017 (8 Days)     5 Days     2 Days    1 Day

3 Spell-3 31.05.2017 to 07.06.2017 (8 Days)     5 Days     2 Days    1 Day

The venues and number of allotted teachers particulars are shown below. Course directors and Course Coordinators details are given    below.

                                                                                    M   PS  BS  PET
1 Bapatla SVRM Degree College, Nagaram                    127 108 98   42

2 Guntur Shalom Church High School, Guntur             120 93 90     34

3 Narasaraopet St Marys High School, Ravipadu, Narasaraopet

                                                                                   137 108 98    38

4 Sattenapalli St Pauls High School, Phirangipuram    178 144 135   45 

5 Tenali Sri Rama Rural College, Chiluvuru                 125 116 104   41 


1. They are requested to instruct all the teachers to carry their e.Hazar

Devices (FP & Iris) given at school level to respective training centers for attendance.

2. The workshop will be organized to check the devices in case of any issues received for implementation of e.Hazar.

3. Proper facilities should be ensured at the training venues. Biometric

attendance of trainees & Resource persons twice a day should be


4. In case of failure of attendance, such issues to be addressed to the device vendor, in turn, the device vendor will resolve the problem there itself within the period of 1⁄2 hour.

5. A hand holding training will be given to the teachers on the following modules.

1. e.Hazar

2. CCE


4. APeKX



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