ఖజానా కార్యాలయాలకు రెగ్యులర్, సప్లమేంటరీ మరియు అన్ని రకాల జీతాల బిల్లులు, ఫించనులు మరియు ఇతర రకాల బిల్లులను సమ్పర్పించుటకు సూచనలు, షెడ్యూల్ విడుదల.*

*(G.O.RT.No. 1512 )*

*1♦.నెలలో 6 నుండి 10 వ తారీకు లోపు సబ్మిట్ చేయవలసిన బిల్స్*

*Supplementary salary bills, all types of arrear bills*, 

*Honorarium, Wages etc.,* includes Salaries payment through PD Account & Scholarships and Stipends of all the welfare departments

*2♦.నెలలో 11 నుండి 15వ తారీకు లోపు సబ్మిట్ చేయవలసిన బిల్స్*

 *PF Loans,*

*Advances of employees &Payments other than salaries*

*3♦.నెలలో 16 నుండి 25వ తారీకు లోపు సబ్మిట్ చేయవలసిన బిల్స్*

*Regular salary bills,*

*Regular Pensions,* 

*GIS , FBF, Wages, Work Charged Establishment,*

*&All other not covered above bills*

*4♦.నెలలో 1 నుండి 30/31 వ తారీకు వరకు సబ్మిట్ చేయదగిన బిల్స్*

*First payment to Pensioners*

*Exams related Expenses*

*Election related Expenses,*

*Protocol Expenses,* *Obsequies charges*, 

*AC bills, Medical Advances*

During the course of operationalization of Phase-I of CFMS, in the reference 2nd read above, instructions were issued, inter-alia, that the schedule for presentation & payment of various bills as prescribed in the reference 1st cited and amendments thereon, is kept on hold until further orders, i.e., there is no restriction on the dates for presentation of the bills by the DDOs to the Treasury / PAO for payment.
3. The Phase-I of CFMS has since stabilized during the last (2) years, and during the review of the implementation with the DTA & PAO and all theconcerned stakeholders, it is observed that the unregulated presentation of bills has impacted the quality of bill submission, quality of audit & also estimation and management of the outflows of funds, besides creating uneven load on CFMS system resources.
4. Duly considering the above and in order to further streamline and optimize the functioning of the State Public Financial Management system and to ensure proper scheduling and efficiency, and prioritization of State Flagship and CSS schemes, it is decided to re-introducethe schedule for bills presentation by the DDOs under various Schemes and Programmes.
5. Accordingly, in modification of the instructions issued in the reference 2nd cited, the Government hereby issue the following instructions on the scheme of schedule for presentation of bills to the Treasuries & Pay and Accounts Offices in the State, as indicated with effect fromthe month of July 2020.


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