Transfers-Postings-Guidelines-Instructions-Municipal-Teachers-Transfers-2018 (Phase-I)-AP

Transfers-Postings-Guidelines-Instructions-Municipal-Teachers-Transfers-2018 (Phase-I)-AP

Phase-I : Municipal Teacher’s Transfers –

Mutual, Spouse Cases & request transfers from one District to other District and within the District

A. Applicability : Transfers shall be applicable to all categories of Teachers working in Municipalities / Corporations as per Service Rules, 2016 i.e. Gr.II Head Masters, School Assistants, Specialist Teachers, PSHMs, Secondary Grade Teachers and other equivalent categories working in all Municipal / Corporation Primary / Upper Primary/ High Schools in the State.

Criteria for Transfers: The Municipal Teacher who have completed a minimum period of service for 3 years (as on 30th April, 2018) in a ULB is eligible for Transfer. Request transfers (Mutual, Spouse & request grounds) shall be considered by the1. Government only in respect of employees fulfilling one or more of the conditions mentioned below: Mutual cases : Same category of post only shall be transferred.(One application only)a. Spouse cases : Husband and Wife cases (only Municipal Teachers shall be shiftedb. following the prescribed procedure). Teacher whose spouse belongs to State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking by Govt. or Local Body or Persons working in the Institutions against the Aided post category in AP and working in the same District / Outside District may opt for transfer. Once the facility is utilized, the next request can be made only after eight years. The concerned HoD/Appointing Authorities shall issue the Service Certificate in respect of spouse working within/outside the AP State, as the case may be. Other Request cases:c. Disabled persons – Orthopedically handicapped/ Visually Challenged/ Hearingi. impaired not less than 70% as certified by a competent authority – District Medical Board. Employees having mentally challenged children to a place where medical facilitiesii. are available. Un-married / Widow / Divorced (female employees).iii. Medical grounds : iv. Teachers and their dependents suffering with Cancer, Open Heart Operations,1. Neuro Surgery, Bone TB, Kidney Transplantation/Dialysis to places where such facilities available (certificate issued by District Medical Board). Applicants with dependents – Mother, Father, Spouse, Children who are mentally2. retarded and are undergoing treatment (certificate issued by District Medical Board). Children suffering with holes in the Heart by birth and undergoing medical3. treatment available only at specified places to which they are seeking transfers (Certificate of evidence) Applicants with dependent children.



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