Withdraw the recognition – Private aided/ unaided schools with enrolment less than 20 or zero enrolment

Withdraw the recognition – Private aided/ unaided schools with enrolment less than 20 or zero enrolment



R.C no.ESE02-28023/23/2021·PLG-CSE    Dated:  24/11/2021

Sub:  School Education  – Private  aided/  unaided  schools  with  enrolment   less than  20 or zero  enrolment   – action  to  be  taken  to  withdraw   the  recognition as per  Rule 16 of Rules Issued under  RTE- Instructions-   Reg..

Ref: 1) Rc.No. ESE02/659/2021-PLG  ·CSE dated  07/09/2021

2) G.O.Ms.No.1,  Education(P.S.2),   Dt 01-01-1994   .


In the  reference 1st cited    all the  Regional Joint Directors  of School  Education  and District   Educational officers    in the  state  are  requested   to  Instruct  the  respective field functionaries   Headmasters         concerned  to update  the  chlld-info  as per the given  schedule.

2. Accordingly   the  admission       into aided    Institutions   for the  academic  year 2021-22  was completed   by 31 Dec 2021 and the child  info was updated.  Based on the  updated   data  of  enrolment  is observed    that  certain   private   and  private aided  schools  are having  enrollment With   less    than  20 children  in each school.  The list of such schools  district  wise is enclosed  to this order.

3.   In  this  regard   the  attention    of  Reginal Joint   Directors    of  School  Education and   District   Education   Officers   is  drawn   into the   amendment    Issued   vide   GO Ms.No.41,  School  Education  (PE-SSA)     to the  Rules Issued  under RTE vide   GO MS. No. 20.  School  Education   (Pe-Progs1)  dated  3-3-2011   (as notified  In Gazette  NO.10 dated  5-3-201 ‘.) which is as follows:

3. In sub Rule (1) of rule  5

(I) for clause  (a)  the following  shall  be substituted.   namely

(a) In resect    of children  In class I-V in the   school   shall  be established   within a  walking   a  distance   of  one  kilometer    of  the  neighborhood   asking    Into consideration    the  population    of  at  least  20  school-going   children   In  the locality.   to make  the school  viable  and  ensure quality.

4.        As per  the  amendment.    any  private   aided/unaided    school  with  less than (20) children  Is an unviable  primary  school.

5.As  per  the   Rules  issued   under   RTE vide   vide   GO  Ms.No.  20.   School Education  (PE-Progs.1) dept  dated  3-3-2011  (as notified  in Gazette  No.10 dated  5-3-20111. the  procedure  for withdrawal   of recognition   is as follows:

Rule.16.  Withdrawal   of recognition

Where a school  contravenes   the conditions  of recognition   or any provisions of  the  Act  the  authority    issuing   the  certificate    of  recognition   shall  issue show  cause  notice  of withdrawal   of recognition.    The school  shall  be  given at least  a month  time  to file  the  reply.  If the authority   is not  satisfied   with the  reply  the  school  shall  be given  opportunity   of hearing  before  taking  a decision  on withdrawal   of recognition.   The order  of  withdrawal   shall  be in writing.     The   order    of   de-recognition    shall    be   operative     from    the immediately    succeeding   academic   year.   The  order  shall  be  a  speaking order    and   it   shall   contain    the   name/names   of   the   neighborhood school/schools  where   the   children   of   the  derecognized  school   will   be admitted.

6.        Therefore   all  the  District   Educational   Officers   Regional  Joint  Directors   of School Education  in the state  are requested  to Issue show cause notices  to all the schools   as  to   why   the   recognition    should   not   be  withdrawn    wherever    the enrolment   Is less than  (20) from  Class I to  V or   zero  enrolment   and finalize  the action  as prescribed  vide  Rule 16 of the Rules issued under  RTE.

7.       Action in this  regard  shall be reported  to this  office  by 31-12-2021.

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