Regular Programmes

        The Vidyapeetha offers traditional courses in Sahitya, Vyakarana, Jyotisha, Nyaya, Advaita Vedanta, Vishistadvaita Vedanta, lDvaita Vedanta, Agama, Mimamsa, Sankhya Yoga etc.. along with modern subjects like Computer Science, Mathematics, History etc.

      The Professional courses offered in the University are Siksha Sastri (B.Ed) and Siksha Acharya (M.Ed.) monitored by National Council for Teaching Education (NCTE). Other courses leading to Diploma, P.G.Diploma and Research Degrees are also offered under various faculties.



     No. of Seats      : 60 in all the Sastras

Duration            : Two years; Age :15 to 18 years as on 1st June No upper age limit for ladie

Eligibility :    Pass in one of the following examinations with minimum five or six papers. The maximum marks should be 500 and above with English as one paper.


2. SASTRI (Eq. to B.A.)

     No. of Seats      : 100

Duration            : Three years (6 Semesters) ; Age :17 years (as on 1st June)

No. of Seats in Computer Applications – 20

Eligibility : Pass in any one of the following examinations as in 10+2 pattern.


3. SASTRI Vedabhashya (Eq. to B.A.)

     No. of Seats      : 15

Duration            : Three years (6 Semesters) ; Age :17 years (as on 1st June)

Eligibility :

 Those who have passed/completed Samhita (Rigveda or Yajurveda) and have some knowledge       of Sanskrit are eligible, subject to the passing of entrance test conducted by the Vidyapeetha in       Samhita of respective Veda and Sanskrit.


4. B.A                      : No. of Seats       : 20

Duration             : Three years (6 Semesters) ; Age :17 years (as on 1st June)


5. B.Sc.(Sastri)

     No. of Seats      : 20

Duration            : Three years (6 Semesters) ; Age :17 years (as on 1st June)

Eigibility : Prak-Sastri/Intermediate or any other equivalent exam with Sanskrit and Mathematics as the subjects of study.



1. ACHARYA (Eq.M.A.) : Choice Based Credit System (In this scheme for each of the following     Sastrs, there five papers, in which four papers will be from (A) Hard core Sastras and 1 Paper will     be from (B) Soft Core Sastras for each Semester). Soft Core has to opt from other Sastras.

    A. Hard Core Sastras: 1. Sahitya (60), 2. Vyakarana (30), 3. Phalitha Jyotisha (15), 4. Siddhanta         Jyotisha (15), 5. Nyaya (15), 6. Advaita Vedanta(20), 7. Visistadvaita Vedanta (15), 8. Dwaita         Vedanta (15), 9. Agama (15), 10. Mimamsa(15), 11. Dharma Sastra(15), 12. Sankhya Yoga (13),         13. Puranetihasa (15), 14. Vedabhashyam 

(15) B. Soft Core Sastras :

 i) 1. Sahitya,

2. Puranetihasa,

 ii) 1. Vyakarana,

2. Siddhanta Jyotisha,

3. Phalitha Jyotisha,

4. Vedabhashyam,                                

 5.Dharma Sastra

                           iii) 1. Nyaya,

2. Advaita Vedanta

3, Dwaita Vedanta,

4. Agama,

5. Mimamsa,                                         

6. Sankhya Yoga,

7. Visistadvaita Vedanta.

        (Keeping in view the pros and cons of the system mordern subjects computer science etc. may  be included according to XXII Vidvat Parishad Meeting : Item No.22.10).

        (Note : The number in the brackets indicate the number of seats in each Sastra.)

    Duration : Two years (4 Semesters).

Age: Minimum 20 years as on 1st June.

    Eligibility : (a) Pass in 3 year degree course/Sastri/ Any Graduate from a recognized University  with Sanskrit as second language or as an elective subject.

                      (b) Two years degree course with Bridge course of

i) Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati,

ii) Sri Lal Bahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New delhi,

iii) Rashtriya Sanskrit Sanskthan, New Delhi.

  (c) Siromani Final Examination of

i) Madras University, Chennai,

ii) Annamalai University,  Annamalai nagar.

  (d) Siromani final Examinatio of S.V.University, Tirupati

 (e) Sastra Bhushana Final Examination of Kerala Government.

 (f) Vidyapraveena Final Examination of Andhra University, Waltair.

(g) Vidyalankara and Vedalankara examinations of Gurukula Kangeri Viswavidyalaya,  Haridwar

(h) Vidwat Madyama Examination of Karnataka Government.

                      (i) B.A.(O.L)/B.A.(L).B.A./B.A (Hons.)/B.O.L equivalent examinations with Sanskrit of all recognized universities.

                      (j) Any other examination recognized by the Rashtriya Sanskrit University as equivalent  to Sastri.


2. M.A. in Sanskrit – Sabdabodha Systems & Language Technology : This is an interdisciplinary and

     Duration : 4 Semesters in 2 years

    Course Syllabus

  No. of Seats : 10 (Admission will be given based on mert and performance in the interview.)

     Eligibility :

1.Sastri/B.A/Any other equivalent degree (Preferably in Nyaya, Vyakarana, Mimamsa  or Darsana) with Computer Science/Computer Applications or sufficient computer                            background.

2. B.A./B.Sc./BCA/ Any other equivalent degree with Sanskrit and Computer Science or  Mathematics background. Supporting bridge courses will be offered to the admitted students before starting the actual course to strengthen their knowledge in Computer Science, Sanskrit and Mathematics so that the students will be brought under a uniform plane.


3. P.G.Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Stress Management :

     This is an interdisciplinary course introduced under the innovative programme of the University      Grants commission. The cource is aimed at disseminating the theoritical and procatical knowledge of Patanjali’s Yoga Sastra, their therapeutic values and relevance in maintenance of sound, body   and mind.

     No. of Seats : 25

     Duration : 1 Year ; Internship : 6 months Age : Below 35 years

     Eligibility : Any graduate with second class from a recognized University. Preference will be given to the candidtes having Sanskrit as one of the subjects/proficiency in Sanskrit.


4. M.Sc. in Computer Science & Language Technology :

     The main objective of the M.Sc. (Computer Science and sanskrit Language Technologies course is to provide the students a clear understanding of the concepts and principles of Computer Science as a discipline and the rich and specialized skills required to handle the computing systems in an applied branch of language technologies in general and sanskrit language technologies in particular.

Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters), No. of Seats : 15, Age : Minimum 20 years

Eligibility : Any graduate with Computer Science/Computer Applications with Sanskrit at +2 level.

Course content : Computer Science, lArtificial Intelligence, Language and Speech Processing.

                            Course Syllabus

5. P.G.Diploma in Comparative Aesthetics (Sahitya) in Global Perspective :

     Duration : 1 Year   No. of Seats : 15    Age : Minimum 22 years

     Eligibility : Acharya (Sahitya) Pass with 55% Marks.

6. Master in Ancient Indian Management Techniques (MAIMT) (2 year UGC Approved Post Graduate Course in Management):

     Duration : 1 Year   No. of Seats : 15    Age : Minimum 22 years


1. Visishtacharya (M.Phil.) in all the following Sastras :

     1. Sahitya (10),

2. Vyakarna (5),

3. Jyotisha (5),

4. Nyaya (5),

5. Advaita Vedanta (5),

6. Visistadvaita Vedanta (5),

7. Dvaita Vedanta (5),

8. Agama (5),

9. Sanskrit Manuscriptology &

Palaeography (5),

10. Puranetihasa (5),

11. Dharmasastra (5)

     (Note : The number in the brackets indicate the number of seats in eatch sastra)

     Durataion : One Year (Two Semesters)

     Eligibility : Acharya or equivalent degree in the concerned subject with atleast 55% marks,           whereas for Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe candidates the minimum marks required is 50%  only.


2. Visishtacharya (M.Phil.) in Education :

      Duration : One year (Two Semesters)          

No. of Seats : 5

      Eligibility : M.Ed. or Siksha Acharya with a minimum of 55% marks and Acharya/M.A.(Skt.)/ Any                         

equivalent PG Degree with a minimum of 55% marks (in both the degrees). The                         

minimum marks will be 50% for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates.   

Proficiency in Sanskrit is a must.


3. VIDYAVARIDHI (Doctor of Philosophy) Regular and Part-Time :

     Offered in the following Subjects/Areas.

     Sahitya, Vyakarana, Phalitha Jyotisha, Siddhanta Jyotisha, Nyaya, Advaita Vedanta, Visistadvaita Vedanta, Dvaita vedanta, Agama, Mimamsa, Sankhya Yoga, Dharma Sastra, Puranetihasa, Vedic Studies, General Sanskrit Studies, Sabdabodha Systems and Education.

      The Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha,Tirupati will award the degree of Vidyavaridhi to the students admitted as per rules, after completion of their research work duly evaluated by the examiners appointed by the Vidyapeetha for this prupose.

      The Sanskrit version of the degree will bear the name Vidyavaridhi and the corresponding English version of the degree will be DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY.

(The Common Entrance Test will be conducted )



    The Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha will award the degree of VIDYA VACHASPATI(D.Litt) to the     scholars admitted as per rules of the Vidyapeetha, after completion of their work duly evaluated     by the examiners appointed by the Vidyapeetha for this purpose.

    The sanskrit version of the degree will bear the name “VIDYA VACHASPATI” and the     corresponding English version of the degree will be “DOCTOR OF LITERATURE”

    Eligibility : vidyapvaridhi (Ph.D) Degree holders of this Vidyapeetha or equivalent degree holders    of other universities with the minimum number of books accompanised with reviews by competent scholars or with two single author publications in journals of repute or eligible to apply to become candidates for the VIDYA VACHASPATI (D.Litt.) degree after  a lapse of atleast five years after obtaining Ph.D Degree.



b) SIKSHA ACHARYA (Eq. to M.Ed.)

       For admission into these courses, the candidate has to appear a National level eligibility test for        which a separate notification is issued during the month of February/March every year.



1. Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Vijnan

     Duration of the Course : One year, AGE : Below 40 years,

     Medium of Instruction : English (except paper V- Sanskrit)

     Timings : 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. & 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

     Number of Seats :

1. 20 seats for Regular students of Vidyapeetha seeking admission under Dual -Degree Stream. 

2. 20 Seats for outsiders under general stream.

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Language Processing

     Eligibility : Acharya/ Any Master’s Degree with Sanskrit referably in Nyaya, Vyakarana and   Mimamsa.

     Duration : 2 years

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Web-Techology

    Total Number of Sets : 20, Duration of the Course : Two years, Timings : 5.30pm. to 7.30p.m



1. Diploma in Temple Culture

    Duration of the Course : One year, Medium of Instruction : English/Sanskrit/Telugu

    Timings : 5.30p.m to 7.30p.m.

    Number of Seats : 40 Seats (50% of the seats are for TTD Employees)

    Eligibility : Any graduate from a recognized University with Certificate in Temple Culture or any Post Graduation.

2. Diploma in Pourohitya

    Duration of the Course : One year, Medium of Instruction : Sanskrit & Telugu

    Timings : 5.30p.m to 6.30p.m.  Number of Seats : 40 Seats

    Eligibility :

Pass in Certificate course of Pourohitya/Prak-Sastri.

3. Diploma in Sanskrit & Law

    Duration of the Course : One year, Medium of Instruction : English/Sanskrit

    Number of Seats : 20 Seats

    Eligibility : Any graduation with proficiency in Sanskrit.

4. Diploma in Management with oriental orientation

    Duration of the Course : One year, Medium of Instruction : English/Sanskrit

    Number of Seats : 20 Seats

    Eligibility : Any graduation with proficiency in Sanskrit.



1. Certificate in Temple Culture

    Duration of the Course : One year ( 3 days per a week),

    Medium of Instruction : English/Sanskrit/Telugu

    Timings : 5.30p.m to 7.30p.m.     Number of Seats : 40 Seats(50% of the seats are for TTD staff)

    Eligibility : Any graduate from a recognized University.

2. Certificate in Pourohitya

    Duration of the Course : One year ( 3 days per a week),

    Medium of Instruction : Sanskrit and Telugu

    Timings : 5.30p.m to 6.30p.m.     Number of Seats : 40 Seats

    Eligibility : Pass in SSC with Sanskrit.

3. Certificate in Pourohitya

    Duration of the Course : 6 Months              Medium of Instruction : English

    Timings : 5.30p.m to 6.30p.m.                         

Number of Seats : 30 Seats

    Eligibility : Those who have completed Sastri/B.A or any other equivalent degree provided they             have studied English as second language at the degree level alteast for 2 years.                     Selection is based on the test conducted by the Vidyapeetha.

4. Certificate in Jyotisha

    Duration of the Course : 6 months , Medium of Instruction : English/Sanskrit

    Number of Seats : 20 Seats

    Eligibility : Pass in SSC



      The Vidyapeeth offers he following job oriented Add-on Part-time courses for Sastri and B.A/B.Sc.       students with the assistance of UGC.

      1. DTP in Indian Languages

      2. Web-Technology

      3. Puranetihasa

      4. Vastu Sastra

      5. Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Translation Techiques and Creative    

writing in Sanskrit and Regional languages.




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