Nadu Nedu Phase 2 – Ceiling for the materials and Labour Charges

Nadu Nedu Phase 2 – Ceiling for the materials and Labour Charges Material Rates and Labour Rates Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase 2 – Ceiling for the materials and Labour Charges School Education dept – Mana Badi Nadu Nedu – Ceiling for the materials and Labour Charges for Phase-II-Issued

Cir. Memo.No. 1679742/MBNN/2022   dated: 28.03.2022

Sub: School Education dept – Mana Badi Nadu Nedu – Ceiling for the materials and Labour Charges for Phase-II-Issued – Regarding


1. GO Ms No. 87 of the School Education (Prog-11) Department dated 30-11-2019
2.G.O. Ms No 22 of the school education (Pig 1) Department date! 06-05-2020.
3.G.OMS No 27 of the School Education (Prog-IT) Department dated 30.03.2021.

In the 1st  Phase of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu it is learns that the labourers and vendors have insisted to pay higher rates than local market price, citing reasons that is Government work in some places labor and vendors have formed as a pressure group and have demanded exorbitant rates

In the community contract system expected that the Parent Committee members, HM, Local Engineer shall negotiate and bargain for less rates compared to market rates as it is a public work which beneficial to students of the Village/Ward.

In this context, attention the District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators and Executive Engineers of all the implementing agencies of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Pl II, program in this State is invited to the references cited above and they are requested to follow the Suggested normal Market rates of Material and Labor Charges for Phase-II works which are to be executed by the Parents Committee through Community Contract system, so as to not give any scope for misuse of funds by Paying higher rates. In case of interior pockets, hilly terrains, the maximum permissible market rates may be adopted.

The parent committees shall explore market rates and negotiate even below normal rates. In any case permissible maximum rates cannot be exceeded. Hence, it is requested to adopt the suggested normal market rates of material and Labour charges shown in the Annexure-I (for Material Rates) and Annexure-Il (for Labour Rates) enclosed.

If the Market rates of Material and Labour Charges of a given Mandal are beyond Suggested Maximum Market rates given in Annexure I and II then they shall be approved by District level tender committee headed by the Joint Collector constituted as per GO MS No 27 date 30.03.2021.

The Joint Collector (Development) shall ensure the proper assessment of prevailing market rates by constituting a subcommittee which will enquire in the market and asses before approving rates in the committee.

excluding transportation)
S. N o Name of the Material

0                             )

* (1 unit = 10     cu ft


Unit Suggested
normal Rates
in Rs.
Maximum Rates
in Rs
1 Gravel 100 cu ft 600 1000
2 Stone Dust (Path Ways and Basement Filling) cu 100 ft 1000 1100
3 2mm Crushed Granite 100 cu ft 1200 1350
4 20mm Crushed Granite 100 cu ft 2400 2600
5 40mm Crushed Granite 100t
cu f
1300 1500
6 8mm KG 67 69
7 10mm KG 65 68
8 12mm XG 65 68
9 16mm KG 65 68
10 20mm KG 65 68
  Htcf MS Iron Grills and flats Including welding charges 1 kg 85 90
12 MS Angles 1 kg 67 69
13 MS Squares Including welding Charges 1 kg 65 68
14 GI roofing Sheets (flat) size 1.00×3.00mts 1 kg 100 113
15 Red Brick (including transportation)


1 No. 7 9
  Flooring Materials      
16 Granite (Polished) any pattern,any size not less than 2 on any side 18 mm thick 1 Sft. 60 90
17 Rough Cuddapabblack slab 11″x23″ 18mm thick 1 Sft. 18 22
18 Polished Cuddapah black slab (only for Kadapa District)11″x23″ 18mm thick I  Sft. 23 27
19 Betharncherla (Only for Kunrnool District) 1 Sit. 20 25
20 Tandur Polished stone size (23″x23″)18min thick                                                                                      . 1  Sft. 28 32


S.No Name of the Material Units Suggested
Normal Rates
in Rs.
Rates in Rs.
1 Dismantling of CC Flooring 1 SFT 10 12
2 Dismantling of Rough/Polished Kadapa Flooring 1 SFT 10 12
3 Dismantling of Wall Tiles in Toilets I SFT 8 9
4 Dismantling of Flooring Tiles in Tckilets/Rooms 1 SFT 8 10
5 Earth Work Excavation by Manual                                 I1CFT 20 25
6 Earth Work Excavation by machinery (JCB) Per Hour 700 900
  Construction of Toilets & ACRs (labour charges of all items including rod bending, centering, mixing, vibrating, concreting, including architectural element etc., finished item of work.) excluding material costs      
a Ground floor 1 SFT 270 300
b First floor 1 SFT 220 240
c Second floor 1 SFT 240 270
8 Laying of Wall Tiles in Toilet 1 SFT 14 16
9 Laying of Flooring Tiles in Class Rooms/ Toilet 1 SFT 14 15
10 Laying of parking tiles 1 SFT , 12 15
11 Laying of Granite in Class Room/Verandah 1 SFT 25 30
12 Laying of Granite @ Staircase 1 SFT 25 30
13 Laying of Rough/ Polished Black Slabs in Class Room/Veranda 1 SFT 20 25
14 Electrification Charges / Each Room Including Groove cutting and Yerandha) 1Room 2B00 3200
15 For Sanitary Fittings (1 wash basin, 1 flush, 1 Water Closet including flush tank, Taps with pipe line) 1 Toilet
a 1 Wash Basin 1No 700 800
b 1 Water Closet Indian type including flush Tank 1NO 800 i000
c 1 Water Closet Westren type including flush Tank I NO 800 1000
d 1 Urinal bowl 1NO 400 500
16 RCC Over Head Tank Labour Charges lLtr 7 9
17 Over Head Tank Labour Charges (Rings based cast in


lLtr 5 i -7


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