NEP 2020 School Mapping – Primary/UP Schools – work adjustment of teachers – Instructions

 NEP 2020  School Mapping – Primary/UP Schools – work adjustment of teachers – Instructions

Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST 3-CSE Date:19/01/2022

Sub: School Education – National Education Policy, 2020 – School Mapping – Primary/UP Schools – work adjustment of teachers – Instructions – Issued.

Read :1. This office Procs.Rc.No.151/A&I-2020, dt:18.10.2021

2. This office Procs.Rc.No.151/A&I-2020, dt:11.11.2021
3. This office Procs.Rc.No.151/A&I-2020, dt:14.12.2021.
4. G.O.Ms.84, School Education(PROG.II)Dept., dt:24.12.2021.
5. G.O.Ms.No.85, School Education(PROG.II)Dept., dt:24.12.2021.
6. Gazette Notification issued by the Government, dt:27.12.2021.


The attention of all the District Educational Officers/ Regional Joint Directors in the State is invited to the references read above, wherein an exercise for mapping of schools was done within the radius of 1 KM. As per the data given by the districts, the Commissioner of School Education, AP has decided to
do the similar exercise by mapping the schools within 2Km, 3Km and above 3 Km to analyze the number of schools, children, teachers and infrastructure for each of these alternatives. Therefore, the District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Director of School Education in the State are instructed to follow the below mentioned guidelines and disseminate to the field without any deviation:

  1. To map all the Primary and Upper Primary Schools to the nearby High Schools at Head Master login without fail on or before 22.01.2022 by also mapping the not feasible schools (natural Barriers) by duly giving specific reason displayed in the drop down menu.
  2. 2. All management (Govt/MPP/ZPP, Municipal, tribal welfare dept.,) children to be considered and map to any management schools except aided, and residential schools without any restriction. Seperate guidelines willl be issued in respect of teachers.
  3. There should be only single medium schools by the academic year 2024-2025. Dual medium will be considered for the children studying in 9th & 10th class for the academic year 2022-2023 followed by 10th class for academic year 2023-2024.
  4. 4. As per the staffing pattern defined at 3 (d) of the instructions issued in the reference 3rd read above, the subject teachers should be allocated on the rotation basis, and to accommodate/allocate the subject teacher (8th teacher onwards) in the following pattern:

a. School Assistant Mathematics – 8th teacher
b. School Assistant English- 9th teacher
c. School Assistant Telugu -10th teacher
d. School Assistant Social- 11th teacher
e. School Assistant Biological Science – 12th teacher
f. School Assistant Physical Science – 13th teacher
g. School Assistant Mathematics – 14th teacher
h. School Assistant English – 15th teacher
i. School Assistant Telugu – 16th teacher
j. School Assistant Social- 17th teacher
k. School Assistant Biological Science – 18th teacher
l. School Assistant Physical Science -19th teacher
m. School Assistant Hindi – 20th teacher

  1. The distance should be calculated based on the actual road connectivity and not the straight lines/areal view.
  2. 2. Minor medium like Urdu, Odiya, Tamil and Kannada medium schools existing shall be mapped same medium schools.
  3. If there are more than one high school within the same distance ( 1 , 2 or 3 km as the case may be), then the mapping should be done to the best available infrastructure, and having the space for up gradation of potential additional infrastructure .
  4. 4. up-gradation to UP schools shall be considered having sufficient infrastructure and maximum strength, instead of mapping it with the HS (no school available within 3km radius).
  5. 5. Qualified SAs / LFL HMs/SGTs in PS/UPs shall be considered for mapping to the existing schools( High School).


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