AP PRC 2022 Ministers Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

  AP PRC 2022 Ministers Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

AP PRC 2022 Ministers Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – Minutes of the meeting of Ministers Committee and representatives of the Employee Associations dated 05.02.2022

The list of attendees is attached.

Decisions made:

1. The PRC report would be made available when the related Government Orders are issued.

2. The fitment would be continued at 23 percent.

3. The HRA slabs are as follows –


4. The rates of additional pension quantum are given below:

70-74 years -7% 75-79 years – 12%

5. Gratuity would be given prospectively.

6. There would be not be any recoveries of IR paid during 1/07/2019 and 31/03/2020 from the pay of employees.

7. The Central PRC would not be adopted in future and the schedule of State PRC would be continued.

8. Obsequies charges of Rs. 25,000 would be paid to serving employees as well as pensioners.

9. CCA at the past rates would be continued.

10. Revised HRA would be given prospectively.

11. Government orders would be issued for allowances, leave, etc. and for Corporations, Societies, Universities, etc as applicable.

12. A separate Government order would be issued for PTD.

13. There is a committee for examination of CPS issue. A road map would be prepared by March 2022.

14. There is a committee for contract workers, etc. This would be resolved speedily and additional categories like NMR, etc. would be included.

15. Government orders for extension of medical reimbursement would be issued as soon as possible.

16. EHS health scheme would streamlined.

17. VWS secretaries would be confirmed in service by 30 June 2022. The scales would also be given at that time.

It was unanimously decided by the Steering Committee of the PRC Struggle Committee to call off the strike proposed to start on 6/7 February 2022 midnight.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to all.

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