Career Guidance Online Training YouTube Live

Career Guidance Online Training YouTube Live



DATE & TIME : 01-04-2024, 11AM.

Career Guidance Online Training in DIKSHA APP Links for SAs- PGT- TGTs – HMs

Rc.No.SS-15023/1/2022-SAMO-SSA Dt: 29/03/2024

Sub: Samagra Shiksha, AP – Quality Initiatives – Launch of carrier guidance course supported by UNICEF – Instructions – Issued -Reg.
Ref: Mail copy dated on 07.03.2024, from G. Priyanka, UNICEF, APSS, Andhra Pradesh

The attention of the District Educational Officers, Principal Govt. DIETs and the Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are invited to the ref cited and it is informed that with the support of UNICEF certificate courses on Career Guidance to teachers is designed to up skill teachers on providing Career Guidance to the students and the
objective is to develop the understanding about the different aspects of career guidance. Further, It will help in developing the desired skills in the teachers to be a proficient career counselor along with the mastery in their own subject. The course aims at facilitating the teachers to help their students in designing career path. The said courses are being hosting on
Andhra Pradesh DIKSHA tenant. There are 5 courses in the program.

The details and course links are given below:

Course – 1 LINK

Course – 2 LINK

Course – 3 LINK

Course – 4 LINK

Course – 5 LINK

Course Schedule:
Start Date : 1st April, 2024
Enrolment End Date : 1st May, 2024
End Date : 10th May, 2024
A comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), guidelines, and course links accompanied by QR codes for the rerun are provided in Annexure-1 (enclosed). The target group for these courses includes all School Assistants, TGT, PGT, and Headmasters of Secondary/Higher Secondary Schools managed by the government in the state.
It is estimated that the completion of all courses will require approximately 15 hours. A certifcate will be issued to candidates who complete 100% of the course and obtain ≥70% marks within three attempts. Mrs. Sudha Lakshmi from SCERT and Mrs. B. Priyanka, Consultant Education, UNICEF from APSS are designated as Academic Coordinators
and Dr. T. Mahammad Ismail, DIKSHA Coordinator, APSS, will be the Technical Coordinator for these courses. An orientation program is planned to the targeted teachers and to the district ofcials on 01-04-2024 from 11 am to 1 pm and the meeting link will be shared through WhatsApp groups. MEO-1 at the Mandal level and AMO at the District level are responsible for the efective implementation of the courses. DEOs are requested to conduct weekly reviews of the course implementation.
Therefore, the District Educational Ofcers, Principal Govt. DIETs and the Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are instructed to oversee the implementation of the program and further instructed to conduct weekly review meetings and further instructed to disseminate course links and schedules to facilitate a smooth rollout of the programs.
Encls: Annexures
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