Nadu Nedu-Transfer of HM s of Primary Schools and Upper Primary schools – Relieving Arrangements – Certain Guidelines

Nadu Nedu-Transfer of HM s of Primary Schools and Upper Primary schools – Relieving Arrangements – Certain Guidelines

Circular No : 1323155/MBNN/2021  Date: 14-1-2021

In the reference cited instructions have been issued in respect of transfer of the Head Masters based on counselling process. Nadu Nedu works are in full swing and are at the completion stage in phase I schools. The role of the Head Master, as convenor and joint account holder in the Parents Committee is very important in the implementation of the Nadu Nedu program. To deal this critical situation the following guidelines are issued.

The HMs under transfer may be relieved and shall join in the new station immediately.

  • In case the outgoing HM is relieved without handing over the charge to new incumbent on Nadu Nedu , he/she shall come back to the old station and handover the entire charge within (7) days time without fail. Disciplinary action will be taken on the outgoing HMs if charge transfer on Nadu Nedu does not happen as per these
  • The outgoing HM shall not issue any instructions to the working labourers to stop any ongoing work because he/she is transferred. The work chain shall not be affected because of the transfer of the
  • The transfer process shall be accomplished in a smooth
  • Either before relieving or after relieving, the HM shall handover the following filled up documents to the new incumbent annexure I
    1. Cheque book
    2. Books of accounts (minutes book, cash book, cheque issue book, voucher book, stock register etc )
    3. All paid bills and vouchers signed by the outgoing HM
    4. Any other documents like circulars, donation receipts
  • The outgoing HM also shall handover the following materials pertaining to the Nadu Nedu and other programs in the enclosed annexure II .
    1. Balance (unused) cement and steel
    2. Leftover (unused/un-installed) other material like Coarse/ fine aggregate stone (kankara) Sand, wood, electrical items (fans, tube lights, wire, switches, bulbs, switch boards, panels etc), sanitary ware, doors, windows, flooring stone, flooring/wall tiles, parking tiles, etc
    3. All received central procured material like furniture, benches, green boards,Signature of two of the PC members – joint account holders (preferably chair-person or vice chair-person of the PC) also shall be taken on the format as witness of the handing over of the material. Cash on hand also shall be handed over to the new incumbent
  • A brief note shall be handed over to the new incumbent HM by the outgoing HM . A friendly brief shall be given to the new incumbent about the program, about the levels of the participation of each PC member, the problems he/she faced in the implementation of the Nadu Nedu program, about mason, plumber, flooring mason, carpenter, electrician, and about other important information required to know by the new incumbent. Any advances given to any vendor and the purpose should also be shared with the new
  • The outgoing HM shall also share the contact details of the stakeholders engaged in the implementation of the program as per the format given in the annexure III.
  • The list of the Bills and vouchers shall be recorded in the format given in the annexure IV and the same shall be handed over to the new incumbent HM. The invoices hard copies also shall be recorded in this
  • Cash on hand and cash in bank account certificate shall be handed over to incoming HM in annexure V. The outgoing HM shall update the pass book of the bank account before handing over this
  • The incoming HM shall upload the details of the handing over information of all these five annexures in his/her mobile app. The DEO shall furnish the information of the new incumbent HM s with the details of contact number of new HM UDISE number wise to the TCS through TCS DRP in the
  • The handing over process should be accomplished smoothly without any rough environment. The new Incumbent shall cooperate to receive the material and registers and other documents without resistance. Similarly, the outgoing HM shall guide the new incumbent in a friendly manner and hand over  everything and explain the details. It is the job of the new HM to complete the balance work without any hassles. Both the incumbents should remember that the Nadu Nedu program is a prestigious program for the education department and the
  • The DEOs, Dy EOs and MEOs shall take necessary action

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