E-Hazar – All the DyEOs/ MEOs / DDOs & MIS are informed that implementation of eHazar is compulsory for all staff in schools. Hence uninstall the previous ehazar App from your device and reinstall the App with the following link

Ehazar apk Link

 and please inform to all schools in your jurisdiction. Target – 100% attendance. and also informed that a screen has been enabled in HMs logins in STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM for updating the students attendance.

Please notice and inform to all Headmasters to update the same daily. — IT CELL

Send this file to your biometric device …(use bluetooth/mail/shareit)…. for install new ap-ehazar app …or install directly from play store..

Dear teachers ఈ రోజు SEehazar కొత్త వెర్షన్ వచ్చియున్నది……*

*అందువల్ల ఇప్పుడు మీ devices లో ఉన్న app ద్వారా ఈ రోజు logout చెయ్యడం* 

*వీలుపడదు……..కనుక ముందుగా మీరు మీ ehazar devices లో ఉన్న SEehazar app ని uninstall చేసి…..playstore లోకి వెళ్లి మరలా SEehazar app new version ని download చేసుకొని……active licenseని ok చేసుకొని …..ముందుగా మీ staff లో ఒకరి treasury ID తో మీ స్కూల్ ని టాగ్ చేసుకొన్నతరువాత…..

మీ అటెండెన్స్ వేయగలరుగలరు.

How to install new version 2.1 SEHAZAR 

👉Open settings

👉Open application manager

👉Tap on sehazar

👉Top on uninstall

👍Now open play store

👉Search for Sahazar

👉Install Sehazar

👍Tap on login

👉Enter any treasury id from your school

👉Now device tagged successfully

👉It is ready to make login in iris

After download SEehazar 2.1 app its shows activity licence then press activity licence wait for few minutes after login press login it ask ur treasure I’d number after entery I’d number device taged successful message will come after school dashboard display next same as it is previous app used 

After ur done attendence logout from app bottom in the screen shows 

This type


SEehazar.    Touchwizhome

U select Touchwizhome  otherwise u may select default SEEhazar home screen not appear only login screen will be appear 

*Please don’t forget selection option.

SE ehazar updated app LINK


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