E-Hazar–Constitution of District / Divisional Level Committees for Devices – GUIDELINES FOR VERIFICATION OF DEVICES

 E-Hazar–Constitution of District / Divisional Level Committees for Devices – GUIDELINES FOR VERIFICATION OF DEVICES

Sub:- School Education –E-Hazar–Constitution of District / Divisional Level Committees for obtaining the factual position of devices – Reg

Read: E-File ESE01-SEDN0CSE/123/2020-PROG-II from the Government.


The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that it has been proposed to obtain the working position of the Finger print Devices and IRIS from fled level.

In this connection, the following committee is constituted to obtain the factual position

1 District Educational Officer Chairman

2 Deputy Educational Officer (concerned) Convener

3 MEOs( 3) respective division Members

4 Headmaster (4) Members

5 APO/ASO Member

Therefore, all the District Educational Ofcers in the State are requested to obtain the division wise committee report and submit the compliance to the undersigned on or before 15-04-2022.


  1. The Committee members shall convene a meeting with all the Headmasters where e-Hazar enabled of that particular division and guide the Headmasters in optimum utilization of the devices by giving them proper training. i.e a. Powering on the devices and updating the software b. Installation of attendance APPs / RD Services etc. c. Charging the idle devices which were not used for long time.
  2. They shall obtain the no of devices counts, working status, (model wise / Item wise, ), No of devices having minor problem ( battery issues, network issues ), No of devices not working etc.. and prepare the statements item wise.
  3. They should also verify no of devices supplied to the schools and no of available.
  4. The missing devices count should be obtained with proper justification.
  5. After getting the factual position from the Headmasters, the committee should randomly some devices and confirm the same.
  6. After substantiating the reports they shall submit the data to District Educational Officers in the format prescribed.
  7. The District Educational Officers shall consolidate the divisional committee reports and the send the same to HOD for taking further action in the above matter.


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