Formative assessment is a part of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. It is to assess the particular skills of the students in the process of construction of knowledge.

It is confined to 2 or 3 lessons.

The laboratory skills,

writing skills and project skills are assessed in the formative assessment.

A small slip test is conducted to test the basic concepts of the lesson.

It is conducted for 50 marks.

It is divided into 4 parts such as lab record,

written works, projects and slip test.

The marks are allotted as follows.

I. Lab Record: 10 marks

II. Written works: 10 marks

III. Project works: 10 marks

IV. Slip test: 20 marks




 The students gain self-experiences and construct knowledge.

 They develop the manipulating skills, observation skills and analytical skills.

 They also adopt the scientific temper and search for the facts scientifically.

 There is scope for the creative response. Role of teacher and student:

 The students have to perform the activities under the guidance of teacher.  The students have to observe the changes during experiment and note them.

 The teacher has to guide them to observe the changes.

 The teacher has to enable the students to hypothesis and think creatively. Maintenance of lab record: All the activities must be recorded as lab record. It should possess the aim of the experiment, materials required, precautions, procedure, observations and result. Allotment of marks:

 Conduction of experiment: 5 Marks

 Documentation in lab record: 5 Marks 


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