School Assistant Special Education Promotions to SGTs Instructions 

School Assistant Special Education Promotions to SGTs Instructions

 School Assistant Special Education Promotions to SGTs School Education – Est III – to take up Promotions to the post of Spl. Educator with eligible SGTs through offline in the available vacancies instructions – Issued Proc.Rc.No.140184/2022-EST VI-CSE Date: 19/04/2023




1. Proc.Rc.No. 545/IEDSS/RMSA/2018, dated: 01.07.2019 of the Ex-officio PD, SS (RMSA), AP, Amaravati.

2. Orders dated.28-09-2022 of the Hon’ble High Court of A.P., Amaravati in W.P.No.31898/2022.

3. Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, dated: 21.07.2022 and 14.02.2023 in WP(C) 132 of 2016.

4. Lr.Rc.No. SS-23021/8/2023-IED KGBV SSA, Dated: 16.03.2023 of the SPD, SS, AP, Amaravati.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference 1st read above wherein instructions are issued regarding the Promotions in respect of Special Educators, eligibility for promotion, allotment of schools and Job role of the School Assistant (Special Education) as detailed below:

Eligibility for Promotion:

The S.G. Teachers who are working in MPP/MPUP schools and Govt. Primary/Upper Primary Schools having the prescribed professional qualifications :

B.Ed -Special Education recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (or )

B.Ed.-General &2-year Diploma in Special Education recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India ( OR )

Higher qualifications in respect of qualifications in Special Education from their respective districts, are eligible for promotions as School Assistant (Special Education) in the same district only.

Allotment of School:

  • Government of AP has allotted the schools based on the number of Children with Special Needs (CwSN) enrolled in classes 9th& 10th by duly allotting one school in each Mandal. The remaining schools in the districts are identified based on the highest number of CwSN enrolled in classes 9th& 10th in schools in the district concerned.
  • The School Assistant (Special Education) shall be re-deployed based on the enrolment of CwSN in the same school or other schools near by from next academic year for the cause of effective implementation of Inclusive Education for CwSN.
  • The School Assistant (Special Education) shall visit other high school in his/her Mandal whenever required, to support CwSN in School subjects.

Main Job Role of School Assistant (Special Education):

In addition to the regular job role of the School Assistants in the department, the School Assistant (Special Education) shall handle the following responsibilities:

  1. School Assistant (Special Education) has to conduct house to house survey with the help of GSWS to identify CwSN children and enroll them in the schools and Bhavita centres .
  2. They have to counsel and guide the CwSN children, develop confidence in them to attend the school regularly and retain till the successful completion of secondary education.
  3. The School Assistant (Special Education) needs to take care of all types of CwSN of the school concerned. Train the students in coordination with the teaching & non-teaching staff of the school.
  4. He/she needs to put effort to strengthen the CwSN abilities, learning competencies in school subjects and also work for the all-round development of CwSN in the schools concerned.
  5. He/she also shall provide counselling to the parents, help in identifying the needs of CwSN and resources, participate in the assessment teams, support in teacher training programmes, mobilization of CwSN to schools, identifying extremely dependent children for sanction of escort /transport allowance, mobilization of children for physiotherapy camps and other therapeutic interventions, enumeration of CwSN who might need minor corrective surgeries, advocacy for Inclusive Education for CwSN and to assist the teacher in classroom management techniques of CwSN and other time to time activities in the benefit of Children with Special Needs.Also provide counselling on maintenance, care and usage of distributed assistive devices.
  6. School Assistant (Special Education) shall undergo all trainings’ provided by the department whenever required either administrative issues or academic issues.
  7. School Assistant (Special Education) shall invariably attend to school along with child-specific, need-based Teaching Learning Material with the support of subject teacher concerned.
  8. School Assistant (Special Education) shall orient the school teachers on effective Inclusive Education and special methodology of educating
  9. School Assistant (Special Education) should record all the information such as demographic particulars, medical history etc of the child in the prescribed formats. He/she shall prepare Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for all CwSN who are designated as CwSN and shall update the IEPs regularly and assess the goals set by them. They shall be discussed with HMs and other team members.
  10. The School Assistant (Special Education) may be re-deployed based on the enrollment of the CwSN in the same school or other school based on the enrollment, from time to time, to further the cause of Inclusive Education for CwSN.

The State Project Director, Samagra Siksha in the reference 5th read above has requested the Commissioner of School Education, AP to take necessary action regarding the recruitment of 82 School Assistants in Special Education posts through Direct recruitment and 144 School Assistant posts in Special Education posts through promotions (from SGT to School Assistant in Special Eduucation) in secondary level.

After careful examination of the request of the State Project Director, Samagra Siksha, AP the Commissioner of School Education is hereby accorded permission to all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State to take up promotions through offline for the post of School Assistant (Special Educators) with the eligible SGTs on Adhoc basis to provide inclusive education for children with special needs duly following the guidelines mentioned above and complete the process by 29.04.2023 without fail.

List of Vacant posts of School Assistants(Special Educators) in the state is herewith enclosed.

This should be treated as MOST URGENT and submit compliance report to the undersigned.

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