SOPs for opening of Primary schools – SOPs for opening of Primary schools INSTRUCTIONS

SOPs for opening of Primary schools – SOPs for opening of Primary schools INSTRUCTIONS

SOPs for opening  of primary schools

SOPs for opening  of primary schools
SOPs for opening  of primary schools
  •  Pre and Primary Schools may be opened in non containment clusters
  • All covid protocols are to be followed by the schools with reference to wearing of mask at all times hand hygiene and social distance by students,faculty and
  • At the entry of the school all the students, staff and faculty shall be examined for any symptoms and suspected persons be asked to return home and get them
  • Parents dropping the children shall be examined for covid like symptoms. If any such symptoms, they may be advised to give their sample for covid19 test at  the  nearest health
  • Hand sanitizers to be placed for frequent sanitization and students should be asked to practice and do hand washing (six steps) before and after meals and toilet
  • Students and staff should be permitted to enter only with proper wearing of masks, maintenance of physical distance and hand sanitization.
  • Seating arrangements should be made in such a way that proper 6 feet physical distance is
  • Sufficient ventilation must be there in classes with free airflow in the classrooms
  • All class rooms should be thoroughly disinfected periodically and all frequently touching objects shall be sanitized
  • Attendance of students to classes is to be voluntary and with written consent by the
  • Children with old and comorbid parents/grandparents at home shall be advised to stay home and not attend
  • Children with comorbidities shall also not permitted to attend Headmasters should personally monitor this aspect and under no circumstances this point should be overlooked. Sick children should also be not permitted to attend schools.
  • Classes to the students of a section of a particular class/standard shall be conducted on alternate days. Each section shall be divided into batches with not more than 16 students in each batch. Classes may be conducted only be for half a
  • Two sessions can be conducted in a day one in morning and another in afternoon. Between two sessions there shall be a gap of 30 minutes to ensure that there is no interaction between students of the two
  • Assembly , group work, games shall not permitted until further orders.
  • Mid day meals shall be served in a staggered manner with different timings to each section of students. While sitting for mid day meals, they shall be made to sit one after the other with adequate physical distance. No two students shall sit face to face
  • At the closing of school, students should leave the school in staggered manner with 10 minute interval to each section and they should not be permitted to congregate outside the
  • Random testing of students faculty and staff shall be done and at least two students from each school and one staff from each school sample to be tested every alternate
  • Sensitizing of parents covid appropriate behavior and on protecting our elderly shall be done. One period every day shall be dedicated to this activity to educate children. Students shall also be used as covid ambassadors to spread awareness to their parents on covid appropriate
  • On reaching homes children shall be encouraged to take bath and then only enter the home. Handwashing shall be mandatorily done by children before entering
  • Sharing of items like pens/pencils, erasers, books, water bottles, glasses , plates is strictly prohibited.
  • All the toilets should be cleaned with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution for every two hours. Ensure adequate running water supply to the toilets in the
  • The students with co morbid parents and grandparents shall not be allowed to attend the
  • Transport for school children shall be staggered class wise to ensure that school buses and school vans shall be filled only to half capacity. Use of autos and rickshaws for transport should be avoided and parents may be encouraged to bring children themselves where school buses and vans are not available
  • A school level task force must be constituted with headmaster, two teachers to inculcate covid appropriate behavior among the students. All school level taskforce details have to be shared with Mandal level
  • While conducting the academic activities, there is every possibility of spread of disease with non symptomatic young children among students and they may also infect the old and vulnerable family members at home. In view of the above the SOPs as detailed above may be followed without any

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Reopening of Schools in a graded manner and Learning with Physical/Social Distancing for the academic year 2020-21 – Opening of Classes I – V from 01.02.2021 – Certain instructions


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