Under the Multi Purpose Health worker’s scheme One female health Assistant is
posted at each sub centre covering a population of around 2,500 (1,500 in tribal area).
She will carry out the following functions.
General instructions:
1. She should work under the administrative control of the Medical Officer PHC and technical supervision and guidance of the Female health Supervisor.
2. She should stay at her official head quarters and available for the community for all maternity care services.
3. Should be in uniform with identity card.
4. Should prepare map of her allocated area, enumerate the population, collect data of all parameters and keep family Health Records and Village Health Profile
5. All the ANMs have to discharge all the duties as assigned by the PHC Medical Officers.

Maternal and Child health:

1. Register pregnant women within 12 weeks after confirmation of pregnancy and provide care to pregnant women throughout the period of pregnancy.

Family planning:
1. Maintain Eligible couple register properly and utilise the information for motivation of couples for acceptance of Family planning methods.

Medical termination of pregnancy:


Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Daises:

Health Education:

Reports and Records:
1. Maintain all the records and reports as prescribed under RCH.
2. Records all the births and deaths occurred in her area.
3. Prepare the action plans for her area with the help of Female health supervisor.
4. Assist the medical officer, female health supervisor, and the Multipurpose Health
Extension Officer during their visits and in conducting school health clinics.
5. Attend the monthly staff meetings at PHC and receive directions from the
Medical officer about the nature of activities to be carried out.
6. Actively participate in the Pulse Polio Immunization and other national programmes
in preparing the lists of all eligible beneficiaries and other activities.
7. Attend to such other duties as entrusted by the Medical officer and Female health
supervisor for the promotion of family welfare and MCH services

JOB CHART OF MPHA (FEMALE) / (ANM) click here for download

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