School Education – Samagra Shiksha -Comprehensive Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP) – Mandal Level – Capacity building of Teachers working in Primary, UP and UP sections(VI class) in High Schools in the state for 5 days during February 2020 – Revised schedule communicated.

In partial modification of the orders issued in the reference cited all the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators in the state are hereby informed to conduct Comprehensive Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP) at Mandal level as per the following revised schedule.

టీచర్స్ ట్రైనింగ్ షెడ్యూల్:*

*Spell 1 – ఫిబ్రవరి 3 వ తేదీ నుండి 7 వరకు*

*Spell 2  – ఫిబ్రవరి 10 వ తేదీ నుండి 14 వరకు*

*Spell 3 – ఫిబ్రవరి 24 వ తేదీ నుండి 28 వరకు*

They are further informed that participants for the above programme shall be all teachers handling I to V classes in Primary and Upper Primary schools only.

All the remaining instructions/ guidelines issued in the reference cited are holds good. For any queries please contact Sri. K. Chittibabu, State Programme Coordinator, Mobile No.7569598582.

English Mandal level Training.

Important points 

1) Participants: All the teachers handling 1 to 5 classes (SGTs,LFL HMs) and CRPs only.

2) Management: Govt., Mandal parishad, Aided.

3) Duration: 5days in 3 spells.

4) Time: 9.00 am to 5.15 pm

5) Venue: Virtual class room only in the Mandal(If no VCR then consider DCR)

6)If more than 200 teachers in a mandal, constitute another batch of resource persons with SRGs of your district to conduct parallel batches.

7) Working lunch (Rs.70/-) and Tea, snacks (RS.30/-) compulsory at the venue.No Cash payment to the teacher.

8) Provisions made for Note Book and Pen

9) Day wise Training module is to be xeroxed and given to Particiants on the same day.Module copy is with mandal DRP

10) Biometric attendance is to be captured before 9.00am and after 5.15pm — by MRC MIS Coordinator.

11) Utilize the services of KRPs  & SRGs for monitoring.

12) Maximum 50 teachers per spell.         

– Alternative arrangements to be made compulsorily to the Single teacher schools.-

 – Above points are non-negotiable –


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